Marketing Management in China

By Philip Kotler | Paperback
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Marketing Management in China brings the landmark work of marketing gurus Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller to China. This edition, adapted by Professor Lu Tai Hong of Zhongshan University, takes a journey into a truly Chinese vista of marketing management. With content, language, and presentation shaped to the demands of the worldÂ’s fastest growing economy, this is one textbook that the Chinese marketing student cannot do without. Finding quality China-context cases that are current is challenging for most instructors. This adaptation provides hard-to-find and well-researched China cases that offer insights while covering a wide variety of contexts, spanning international companies operating in China to Chinese companies that are beginning to venture overseas. At the same time, the Kotler/Keller MM 13e framework has been restructured to suit the way typical marketing management courses in China would teach this subject. Also, to suit the reading preference of Chinese readers, the text has been made more concise without losing the depths and insights the original Kotler/Keller MM 13e provides.
As most Chinese are non-native speakers, the language used in the text is kept simple and easy-to-read. This text offers Chinese executives and students an opportunity to improve their grasp of the English language while developing their professional marketing skills—killing one bird with two stones. 


Dimensions274mm x 213mm x 25mm
PublisherPearson Education Centre 
Release Date28 Sep 2008 

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Book Cover - Marketing Management in China