Mechanics of Materials

By Russell C. Hibbeler | Paperback
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Hibbeler: Mechanics of Materials SI, 8e is a student-oriented and readable text with a clear and concise presentation of relevant theories and applications. Containing Hibbeler's hallmark student-oriented features, this four-colour text in SI units with a photorealistic art program is designed to help students visualise difficult concepts. This new edition contains more examples than any other Mechanics of Materials text, further enhancing students ability to master the subject.MasteringEngineering - Coming in November 2011MasteringEngineering SI with eText is the only online tutorial and assessment system that coaches students with answer specific feedback and hints that steer them towards the correct answers. eText is an online version of the textbook that has highlighting, note-taking and search functionality. 


Dimensions234mm x 202mm x 28mm
PublisherPearson Education Centre 
Release Date28 Dec 2010 

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Book Cover - Mechanics of Materials