Medicine and Health Through Time: Student's Book

By Schools History Project | Paperback
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Stretch and challenge your students with SHP's longest-lived and best-selling series for GCSE History. This is an SHP Official Text which means it has been created by the Schools History Project for use with the GCSE specifications. This is part of SHP's comprehensive and authoritative range of books for the GCSE History. Click here to find out more about the Schools History Project and their award winning publications. Medicine and Health Through Time This title is a comprehensive and authoritative development study for use with all School History Project GCSE specifications. It thoroughly covers the content requirements of OCR, Edexcel and AQA's specifications using an enquiry-based approach. It is written by experts who understand both how to design good teaching material but also understand the exact assessment requirements of each specification. The book combines: - Clear explanation of specification content - Classroom-trialled activities that really motivate students - Extensive and intriguing source material and case studies. This book will enliven any history course. It is supported by two Dynamic Learning Resources: 1: People and Periods; 2 Review and Revise. 


SeriesDiscovering the Past for GCSE 
Dimensions277mm x 214mm x 9mm
PublisherHodder Education 
Release Date26 Sep 1996 

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Book Cover - Medicine and Health Through Time: Student's Book

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