Mike Colameco's Food Lover's Guide to New York City

By Mike Colameco | Paperback
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The insider's food guide to New York City-from trusted New York food expert and TV/radio host Michael Colameco New York is the food capital of the United States, with an incredibly rich and diverse dining scene that boasts everything from four-star French restaurants, casual neighborhood bistros, and ethnic restaurants from every corner of the world to corner bakeries, pastry shops, and much more. Now Mike Colameco, the host of PBS's popular Colameco's Food Show and WOR-Radio's "Food Talk", helps you make sense of this dizzying array of choices. He draws on his experience as a chef and New York resident to offer in-depth reviews of his favorite eating options, from high-end restaurants to cheap takeout counters and beyond. His work has given him unprecedented access to the city's chefs and kitchens, allowing him to tell you things others can't. He offers inside information about different establishments, giving a detailed and sometimes irreverent sense of the food and the people behind them.*
Goes beyond ratings-centered guides to offer detailed, opinionated reviews by an experienced chef and longtime New Yorker* Recommends restaurants, bakers, butchers, chocolatiers, cheese stores, fishmongers, pastry shops, wine merchants, and more* Entries include basic facts, contact information, and a thoughtful, personal review* Includes choices in every price range and neighborhood, from Tribeca to Harlem Whether you're visiting for a weekend or have lived in New York for years, this guide is your #1 go-to source for the best food the city has to offer. 

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Dimensions211mm x 130mm x 26mm
PublisherHoughton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company 
Release Date14 Aug 2009 

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Book Cover - Mike Colameco's Food Lover's Guide to New York City

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