Moose & a Lobster Walk into a Bar: Tales from Maine

By John McDonald | Paperback
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"A Moose and a Lobster Walk Into a Bar" is a wonderful mix of classic Maine storytelling, stretched truths, and wry observations made by John McDonald during his many travels through the Pine Tree State. In this collection of essays and stories, John extols the important economic power of Maine's yard sale industry, bemoans the fact that Massachusetts, still upset because it allowed Maine to become a state in 1820, is buying it back one house at a time, and relates how the state's infamous black fly was really just an attempt at controlling tourists gone haywire. You will also meet Maine characters like Uncle Abner, Merrill Minzey, and Hollis Eaton, and find yourself pondering just where the truth ends and the story begins. 


Dimensions215mm x 140mm x 18mm
PublisherIslandport Press 
Release Date1 Aug 2002 

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Book Cover - Moose & a Lobster Walk into a Bar: Tales from Maine

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