Muse and Reverie

By Charles De Lint | Paperback / softback
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From the master of contemporary urban fantasy, a new collection of "Newford" stories The city of Newford could be any city in North America, bursting with music, commerce, art, love, hate, and, of course magic. Magic in the sidewalk cracks, myth at the foundations of its great buildings, enchantment in the spaces between its people. In novels like "Moonheart," "Forests of the Heart," "The Onion Girl," and "The Mystery of Grace," and in a series of story collections, urban fantasy master Charles de Lint has explored that magic and those spaces, bringing to life a tapestry of people from all walks of life, each looking for a spark of the miraculous to shape their lives and transform their fate. Here, in the fifth of the story collections, we reencounter old friends such as Jilly, Sophie, and the Crow Girls. We breathe in intimations of the world beyond death, and of magic beyond time. Longtime readers and newcomers alike will find themselves under Charles de Lint's unique spell. 

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FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions208mm x 137mm x 25mm
PublisherSt Martin's Press 
Release Date9 Nov 2010 

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Book Cover - Muse and Reverie

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