Nell Hill's Entertaining in Style: Inspiring Parties and Seasonal Celebrations

By Mary Carol Garrity | Hardback
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"I love it when I catch someone's reaction at my stores when they turn a corner and come upon something unexpected. Maybe it's something they didn't know they had to have until that moment, or it's the way we've displayed something that's a little out of the ordinary that they might be able to use in their decorating." --Mary Carol Garrity Mary Carol tries to guarantee that their trips are worthwhile by personally providing them with inspiration on how to improve their homes and decor. This book is the culmination of her many years of experience both selling tabletop and listening to her customers most-often-asked questions about entertaining. "Nell Hill's Entertaining in Style" is organized around the changing seasons and the holidays and celebrations that go with them. Nell Hill's is renowned for its tabletop medleys, and the book shows you how you can create similar effects. Also featured are creative party themes, delicious menu ideas, and tips to make every guest feel special. This book is ideal for people who are intimidated at the thought of throwing a party. It gives readers Mary Carol's tips and tricks for breaking each step down into a manageable plan. The book is filled with spectacular photography of the celebrations in Mary Carol's 130-year-old home as well as in the homes and gardens of her friends. 


Dimensions260mm x 229mm x 24mm
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing 
Release Date1 Sep 2006 

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Book Cover - Nell Hill's Entertaining in Style: Inspiring Parties and Seasonal Celebrations

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