OKB Mikoyan: A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft

By Yefim Gordon | Hardback
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The complete and definitive history of the famous Mikoyan Design Bureau from its establishment in 1939 to the present day. Every type developed by the Mikoyan OKB is dealt with in detail, with descriptions of all known versions and a wealth of recently declassified data. For each major type included there are line drawings illustrating the difference between the versions, representative colour side views and specification tables allowing the performance of different versions to be compared. Production figures and information on MiG aircraft operated abroad are also included. The book contains an impressive array of previously unpublished photographs, which will delight all fans of Russian aviation. This is, without doubt, the most comprehensive study of Mikoyan ever published and an awesome feat of research that will be essential reading for all serious students of the history and development of MiG aircraft design. 


Dimensions280mm x 215mm x 35mm
PublisherIan Allan Publishing 
Release Date19 Mar 2009 

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Book Cover - OKB Mikoyan: A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft

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