The Organic Kitchen

By Ysanne Spevack | Paperback
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This book contains expert advice and fabulous dishes, shown clearly step by step. Over 400 photographs accompany this comprehensive guide to the very best ingredients in organic food and drink. This is a fully illustrated guide to why organic ingredients offer the best health choices, with practical advice on buying, storing and cooking. It features simply delicious recipes that make the most of seasonal organic cooking, including soups, salads, meat, poultry and fish dishes as well as tempting desserts and bakes. This full-colour, beautifully presented book is a must for all organic cooks. Over 40 irresistible recipes are presented with easy-to-follow methods and step-by-step instructions, representing a great range of seasonal and international cooking. With soups, starters and salads, tempting main courses, desserts, cakes and bakes, this cookbook will be a source of inspiration in every organic kitchen. Anyone involved in the organic movement will value the practical advice given here on buying, storing and cooking. Fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish, herbs and seasonings - even organic wine and coffee - are discussed in a clear, helpful manner.
Organic produce offers the very best in flavour and nutrition, and this book contains all the information and inspiration required to make the most of natural ingredients. 

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Dimensions297mm x 228mm x 10mm
PublisherAnness Publishing 
Release Date1 Mar 2009 

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Book Cover - The Organic Kitchen

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