The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings

By Richard Cook | Paperback
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"The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings" is now firmly established as the world's leading guide to recorded jazz, a mine of fascinating information and a source of insightful - often wittily trenchant - criticism. For this completely revised ninth edition, Richard Cook and Brian Morton have reassessed each artist's entry, and updated the text to incorporate thousands of additional CDs. The result is an endlessly browsable companion that will prove required reading for aficionados and jazz novices alike. There are 14,000 CDs reviewed and 2,000 new discs in this edition. It includes over 400 new artist listings. 'It's the kind of book that you'll yank off the shelf to look up a quick fact and still be reading two hours later' - "Fortune". 'Part jazz history, part jazz Karma Sutra with Cook and Morton as the knowledgeable, urbane, wise and witty guides ...This is one of the great books of recorded jazz; the other guides don't come close' - "Irish Times". 


Dimensions230mm x 172mm x 68mm
PublisherPenguin Books Ltd 
Release Date30 Oct 2008 

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Book Cover - The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings