Perfect Table Settings: Easy and Elegant Ideas for Hundreds of Napkin Folds and Table Arrangements

By Denise Vivaldo | Paperback
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This comprehensive do-it-yourself guide is fun and demonstrates in great detail the art of easy and elegant napkin folding. The author also provides festive, imaginative and inexpensive table decor ideas, featuring everything from favours and linens to centrepieces - she even shows readers how to create the perfect buffet setting. From the casual to the elegant, more than 250 full-colour photographs illustrate napkin folding how-tos and place-setting ideas. All the projects are graded for beginners, intermediates or advanced, providing a myriad of ways for all readers to express their creativity. The book is divided into four parts: - Part one features 100 napkin folding ideas and dozens of suggestions for incorporating napkins into place settings and decor. - Part two includes table-setting ideas that enhance various menus - everything from a garden brunch to location parties such as a beach or mountaintop. Diagrams and photos clearly illustrate table settings in detail. - Part three provides ideas for centrepieces and favours. There are dozens of classic centrepiece designs as well as both non-floral and edible centrepieces.
The author also includes party favour ideas for all occasions, from fun to romantic to kid's parties. - Part four shows readers how to incorporate decor ideas (props, linens, flowers) into an event. Whether planning a buffet, an hors d'oeuvre station or a barbecue, it's all covered in easy-to-follow detail. 

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Dimensions267mm x 197mm x 19mm
PublisherRobert Rose Inc 
Release Date18 Nov 2010 

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Book Cover - Perfect Table Settings: Easy and Elegant Ideas for Hundreds of Napkin Folds and Table Arrangements

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