Phantom: A Harry Hole Thriller (Oslo Sequence 7)

By Jo Nesbo | Paperback
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A boy is lying on the floor of an Oslo apartment. He is bleeding and will soon die. In order to place his life and death in some kind of context he begins to tell his story. Outside, the church bells toll. Autumn. Former police inspector Harry Hole returns to Oslo after three years abroad. He seeks out his old boss at Police Headquarters to request permission to investigate a homicide. But the case is already closed: the young junkie was in all likelihood shot dead by a fellow addict. Yet, Harry is granted permission to visit the boy's alleged killer in jail. There, he meets himself and his own history. What follows is the solitary investigation of what appears to be the first impossible case in Harry Hole's career. And while Harry is searching, the murdered boy continues his story. A man walks the dark streets of Oslo. The streets are his and he has always been there. He is a phantom. 


Dimensions234mm x 158mm x 34mm
Release Date3 Feb 2012 


4 Aug 2012, 1:41pm | Review by fran hartshorne
|I have read all of Jo Nesbo's books.This being the latest and i think the darkest. I wonder if this is the last of Harry Hole. A great read.
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Book Cover - Phantom: A Harry Hole Thriller (Oslo Sequence 7)

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