Picking People's Pockets

By Valerie Wilding | Paperback
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Toby Tucker is an orphan with a thrilling secret. He owns a chest filled with torn paper, and a strange message: Piece your family tree together and you'll find out who you are and when you come from. When he manages to put together a name, the most incredible magic happens. Toby travels back in time and becomes his ancestor! He's been to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Tudor London so far. But is he any closer to finding out who he is? This time Toby is magicked back to Victorian London, into Alfie Trott's life, and finds himself picking people's pockets, with one eye out for the peelers: I was just dipping a nicely bulging pocket when something gripped my neck. My stomach scrunched up - a peeler! I whipped my hand out of the pocket, and froze. A hoarse voice whispered, "I told you to stay off Mr Barkitt's patch. Didn't I?" As he said, "Didn't I?" he shook me by the neck. I was stretched so tall I thought I'd lose my trousers. The owner of the fat pocket was smirking at me. Fool didn't know how near he'd come to being robbed! 


SeriesToby Tucker S. 
Dimensions198mm x 129mm x 9mm
PublisherEgmont UK Ltd 
Release Date5 Mar 2007 

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Book Cover - Picking People's Pockets

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