Pipi: the Cookbook : Recipes from Pipi Cafe

By Alex Tylee | Hardback
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Food from the heart - recipes from charming, iconic Hawkes Bay restaurant, Pipi. Pipi is a magical cafe in Havelock North that's always packed with people enjoying its beautiful rustic ambience and its delicious homely food. The Pipi philosophy is about family, fun, nurturing, good simple seasonal food, and love. These are all universal things, but Pipi gives them the New Zealand slant. Owner and chef Alex Tylee learnt to cook providing meals and smoko for the workers on the farm, where the tins always had to be full. By making her way through Mrs Beeton's cookbook, she realised that if she followed a recipe carefully then she could make anything from puff pastry to chicken stock. And so, Pipi was born. This book captures some of the atmosphere and the recipes which make up the essence of Pipi. A lot of the recipes come from the Italian tradition of simple, rustic food that tastes delicious and that encourages a sense of community around the table. Brian Culy's extraordinary photographs show off this wonderful place and its excellent food. This is a book to treasure and to use and to give away to others. It's truly food from the heart. 

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PublisherRandom House New Zealand Ltd 
Release Date5 Apr 2012 

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Book Cover - Pipi: the Cookbook : Recipes from Pipi Cafe

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