The Prayer of Jesus: Secrets to Real Intimacy with God

By Hank Hanegraaff | Paperback
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Over seven million people have purchased Bruce Wilkinson's "The Prayer of Jabez." As a result, the book has reached the number one spot on the "New York Times" and "USA Today's" Best-seller Lists in addition to the CBA Best-seller List. "The Prayer of Jabez "highlights the remarkable prayer of a little-known Bible character and has, in effect, impacted millions of people across the world for Christ. Now author Hank Hanegraaff hopes to take these newly energized praying people to the next level in understanding the mystery of prayer. By delving into the prayers of Jesus Christ-the cornerstone of the Christian faith-readers will learn Jesus' seven-fold secret of prayer. In just one hour, readers will embark upon a truly exhilarating expedition that could radically change their prayer lives forever. 


Dimensions216mm x 140mm x 8mm
PublisherThomas Nelson Publishers 
Release Date1 Nov 2005 

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Book Cover - The Prayer of Jesus: Secrets to Real  Intimacy with God