Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A Practical Guide

By Quentin Spender | Paperback
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Buy the box set of all three volumes at the discounted price of GBP85.00 click here for details Rewritten with the new primary care environment in mind this greatly expanded and updated edition of Child Mental Health in Primary Care extends the structured approach of the first edition to adoelscent mental health. As in the first edition Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health covers each problem in a uniform way offering definitions assessment outlines detailed management options and indications for referral. Numerous case examples further illuminate aspects of many conditions. Comprehensive and practical the forty-eight chapters of Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health cover the full range of difficulties and disabilities affecting the mental health of children and young people. The book is divided into three volumes and can either be read from cover to cover or used as a resource to be consulted for guidance on specific problems. This book is vital for all healthcare professionals including general practitioners health visitors and other staff working in primary care to assess manage and refer children and adolescents with mental health problems.
School medical officers social workers and educational psychologists many of whom are in the front line of mental health provision for children and young people will also find it extremely useful. Reviews of the first edition: 'This very comprehensive and detailed book provides the tools for primary care health professionals not only to assess a child's needs but in many cases also to implement an initial package of care.' JUST FOR NURSES 'I have no reservation in recommending the book to all people working with children and families in any capacity. An important training text for a variety of professions. A very effective text to be used in daily practice for quick reference.' CHILD AND ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH 'This book is well produced and clearly written. A useful book for anyone interested or involved with children.' FAMILY PRACTICE 'I looked through the book again and again but could not find anything missing.' NURSING TIMES 


Dimensions246mm x 171mm x 18mm
PublisherRadcliffe Publishing Ltd 
Release Date1 Jan 1960 

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Book Cover - Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A Practical Guide

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