Produced Water Treatment Field Manual

By Maurice Stewart | Paperback
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Produced water is mainly salty water trapped in the reservoir rock and brought up along with oil or gas during production. Almost all offshore oilfields produce large quantities of contaminated water that can have significant environmental effects if not handled properly. Over the life of a well, the volume of water produced will exceed the volume of oil by a factor of 3-6 times. Since produced water has no commercial value, operators must find a way to treat relatively large amounts of water at the lowest possible cost. Packed with over 500 tables, figures, and equations, the objective of this book is to provide any one who is involved in the design, operation, maintenance and sizing of produced water treatment systems, with a handy reference to the latest technology, management, treatment, and handling practices.
This book will provide readers with the necessary insights to: present a description of the various water treating equipment that are currently in use; provide performance data for each unit; develop a 'feel' for the parameters needed for design and their relative importance; develop and understanding of the uncertainties and assumptions inherent in the design of the various items of equipment; and, outline sizing procedures and equipment selection. The objective of this book is to provide the reader with sufficient information to make better logical choices in designing and operating the system. To a large extent, the design of a system, the sizing of individual pieces of equipment and the operation of the system must be tempered by the experience and judgement of the designer and operator. 


Dimensions187mm x 111mm x 15mm
PublisherElsevier Science & Technology 
Release Date21 Sep 2011 

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