Produced Water Treatment Field Manual

By Maurice Stewart | Paperback
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Produced Water Treatment Field Manual presents different methods used in produced water treatment systems in the oil and gas industry. Produced water is salty water that is produced as a byproduct along with oil or gas during the treatment. Water is brought along with the oil and gas when these are lifted from the surface. The water is then treated before the discharge or re-injection process. In the introduction, the book discusses the basic terms and concepts that describe produced water treatment. It also presents the different methods involved in the treatment. It further discusses the design, operation, maintenance, and sizing of the produced water treatment systems. In the latter part of the book, the ways to remove impurities in water are discussed, including choosing the proper filter, filtering equipment, filtering methods, and filtering types. The main objective of this book is to provide information about proper water management. Readers who are involved in this field will find this book relevant.
* Present a description of the various water treating equipment that are currently in use* Provide performance data for each unit* Develop a "feel" for the parameters needed for design and their relative importance* Develop and understanding of the uncertainties and assumptions inherent in the design of the various items of equipment* Outline sizing procedures and equipment selection 


Dimensions187mm x 111mm x 15mm
PublisherElsevier Science & Technology 
Release Date21 Sep 2011 

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Book Cover - Produced Water Treatment Field Manual

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