The Queen's Bastard

By Robin Maxwell | Paperback / softback
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In this sequel to The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, religion, sex, and the sixteenth century's most fascinating personalities are woven into a rich tapestry of betrayal, the quest for power, and love. Is it possible that England's "Virgin Queen" might have borne a son to her lover, Robin Dudley, Earl of Leicester? Most historians dismiss such tales as idle gossip. Others speak of a very special and dashing young man named Arthur Dudley. This is the full story of Arthur Dudley, the bastard son of Queen Elizabeth I. Set against the background of the Spanish Armada's invasion of England in 1588, The Queen's Bastard artfully weaves together into a seamless novel two parallel tales. The first is told in memoir form by Arthur himself, who, exchanged at birth by Elizabeth's intimates for a stillborn baby, grows up as a country gentleman, never knowing his real identity. A dreamer, a romantic, a magnificent horseman, young Arthur sets off to fight Philip II of Spain. The second story follows the lifelong affair between Elizabeth and Leicester, whose love has only been strengthened after the presumed loss of their child. The two stories collide when Arthur learns from his adoptive father, on his deathbed, who his true parents are. 


FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions216mm x 140mm x 23mm
PublisherArcade Publishing 
Release Date18 Apr 2011 

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Book Cover - The Queen's Bastard