Rapid Response: My Inside Story as a Motor Racing Life-saver

By Stephen Olvey | Paperback
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This title includes a foreword by Alex Zanardi. Now available in paperback with an updated final chapter, this is the compelling story of the author's life in motor racing, providing fascinating insight into crashes involving many famous racers and circuits. This book begins with a vivid description of Alex Zanardi's crash in Germany in 2001, and from there the author reflects on his career with many tragic, funny, interesting stories. This book also provides an important history of the evolution of motorsport safety from the perspective of a physician who patched together many injured drivers. 

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Dimensions198mm x 127mm x 23mm
PublisherHaynes Publishing Group 
Release Date30 Nov 2011 

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Book Cover - Rapid Response: My Inside Story as a Motor Racing Life-saver