Rebel with a Cause

By Ray Avery | Paperback
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Bestselling memoir of a true Kiwi hero whose can-do attitude is changing lives in the third world. Sir Ray Avery's story from childhood neglect to scientist, leader and philapthropist is riveting. He was the inaugural Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year in 2010 and the recipient of the Sir Peter Blake Medal for Leadership 2010, and was knighted in 2011. As a scientist and businessman, he has invented inexpensive lenses for cataract sufferers, low-cost and effective incubators for babies, and a number of other creative scientific and medicinal solutions for the third world. Sir Ray encourages other talented people to get on board and tackle some of the really big problems confronting the poor in developing countries. Rebel With a Cause is fascinating, deeply moving and, at times, very funny. Above all, it's an engaging read about how one man truly can change the world. 'The remarkable story of one of the most extraordinary lives ever lived - and one gets the sense that he's only just getting started. Mr Ray is one of the reasons it's so cool to live in New Zealand.'
- Oscar Kightley 'Ray Avery is a remarkable individual who overcame the odds to become an inspiration to all New Zealanders. This is a man who believed in himself and rose above his circumstances to attain excellence.' - Prime Minister, John Key, presenting the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year award 

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Dimensions235mm x 155mm x 22mm
PublisherRandom House New Zealand Ltd 
Release Date6 Aug 2010 

Kerre's Choice

15 Oct 2010, 11:08am | Review by Kerre Woodham
By rights, Ray Avery should be dead or in prison. He grew up in an appallingly abusive family until he was made a ward of the court at the age of nine. From there he was in and out of orphanages and foster homes, desperately trying to evade murderous bullies and paedophiles, until he ran away for the last time to live under a railway bridge. There he developed his extraordinary gifts for invention, money making and self learning which were the foundations for the work he does today as a philanthropic scientist. It’s one of those books where you’re constantly reading out passages to other people because his story is so utterly extraordinary. A remarkable story from one’s of life’s great achievers. We’re just very lucky Ray Avery washed up on these shores. Highly recommended.
Suitable for mature audiences. Sexual and scatological references.
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9 Jun 2012, 3:18pm | Review by Frances Lowery
I love this book, and would recommend it to anyone! It is absorbing, moving and really inspiring. Read it, and then lend it to your family and friends so they can too! So glad Ray was blessed with NZ, and NZ was blessed with Ray!
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Book Cover - Rebel with a Cause

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