Rides a Stranger

By Bill Brooks | Paperback
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Coffin Flats, New Mexico, is a nothing town in the middle of nowhere--which suits Jim Glass just fine. Looking for any job, he's courted by the local brothel owner--because Jim is good with his fists as well as his gun--but instead he is hired by Marshal Chalk Bronson.A hothead named Johnny Waco is threatening to burn Coffin Flats down if his runaway wife's not returned to him--a lady who loved Marshal Bronson until fate and war separated them. Now Glass has a plan that could make things right . . . or far worse than they are already--the worst kind of scheme that could pull the drifter into a world of killers and heartbreak . . . and toward a destiny full of dying. 


SeriesJim Glass S. 
Dimensions171mm x 106mm x 20mm
PublisherHarperCollins Publishers Inc 
Release Date4 Jan 2007 

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Book Cover - Rides a Stranger

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