SU Carburettors Tuning Tips and Techniques

By G R Wade | Paperback
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Looking for improved performance from your SU carburetor? This detailed manual provides the techniques required to achieve the performance you're looking for! Specific chapters offer instruction in Basic Design and Function; Overhauling and Fault Finding; Mixtures and Tuning; Dismantling & Assembly; and more. Applicable to Mini Cooper, Sprite, Bentley, Jaguar E-Type, Daimler V8 and a variety of other popular classic cars. Also covers all SU fuel pumps. 

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SeriesTips & Techniques S. 
Dimensions220mm x 140mm x 13mm
PublisherBrooklands Books Ltd 
Release Date31 Aug 1994 

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Book Cover - SU Carburettors Tuning Tips and Techniques