San Francisco's Municipal Railway: Muni: Muni

By Grant Ute | Paperback / softback
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On December 30, 1909, following the passage of the bond issue allowing construction of San Francisco's Municipal Railway to begin, Mayor Edward Robeson Taylor gushed, "This is great . . . The Geary Street road will now be built and run by the people and for the people. This marks an epoch. It means civic freedom. . . . Some day our children's children will look back with wonder at the things we have stood for and suffered. Public utilities run . . . by the people . . . will give service to the public. 

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SeriesGeneral History 
FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions227mm x 242mm x 11mm
PublisherArcadia Publishing (SC) 
Release Date22 Aug 2011 

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Book Cover - San Francisco's Municipal Railway: Muni: Muni