The Secret Heiress

By Terri Reed | Paperback / softback
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Finding out she is heir to a fortune shocks Caroline Tully to her core. And to "qualify" for the inheritance, she just has to visit her newfound grandfather's Mississippi home from Christmas to New Year's. Adopted as a baby, Caroline knows nothing about her mother's family...and doesn't realize they can't be trusted. When attempts are made on her life, there's only one man who can protect her. Donovan Cavanaugh--a man who made her lonely heart want to love again. Posing as her fiance, Don promises to find the would-be killer. But will his protection--and his love--be enough to keep her safe? 


SeriesLove Inspired Large Print Suspense 
FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions168mm x 104mm x 23mm
PublisherLove Inspired 
Release Date3 Jan 2012 

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Book Cover - The Secret Heiress