Secrets of the Tides

By Hannah Richell | Paperback
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Reviews (4)

Every family has its secrets. Some are small, like telling a white lie or snooping through a private drawer. Others are more serious, like infidelity and betrayal. And some secrets are so terrible they must be hidden away in a deep, dark place, for if they ever came to light, they would surely tear a family apart The Tides are a family full of secrets. Returning to Clifftops, the rambling family house perched high on the Dorset coastline, youngest daughter Dora hopes for a fresh start, for herself and the new life she carries. But can long-held secrets ever really be forgiven? And even if you can forgive, can you ever really learn to love again? 

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Dimensions233mm x 154mm x 31mm
PublisherHachette Australia 
Release Date24 Apr 2012 

Kerre's Choice

7 May 2012, 1:00pm | Review by Kerre Woodham
Dora has just found out she’s pregnant and she’s terrified about becoming a Mum - with good reason. She feels responsible for a tragedy that happened within her family years ago - a tragedy that left her mother cold and remote, drove away her father and all but destroyed her sister. Before she can feel confident about having her baby, Dora needs to reconcile with her family and understand the events of that terrible day. This is a brilliant novel, gripping, shocking, and will ensure any middle aged lady contemplating an affair will never entertain such a notion again.
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Secrets of the Tides

5 Jan 2013, 7:27pm | Review by Claire Walkinshaw
I have just read this book, couldn't put it down. Although the author chose to vary chapters between present day and history, there was continuity and easy reading. A spellbinding story which had a few surprise twists and turns, and even now I am left wondering what would eventuate in a sequel. Hannah Richell is a great writer, definitely recommend this one.
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Secrets Of The Tides

11 Aug 2012, 1:31pm | Review by Kathleen Emmerson
The Tides are a family torn apart by tragedy and distrust. The story follows the paths of the family members as they slowly put aside their hurts and reconcile with a semblence of tolerance and in some cases friendship. I really enjoyed this book and so have everyone I've lent it to.
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Secrets Of The Tides

20 Jul 2012, 9:49am | Review by Kathleen Emmerson
I loved this book, traces the family history with all the scandals and tragedies that have affected family members over the years. Fast moving highly readable, sad funny but very real.
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Book Cover - Secrets of the Tides

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