The Simple Art of Celtic Calligraphy

By Fiona Graham-Flynn | Paperback
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Celtic calligraphy is an instantly recognizable style that epitomizes the ideal of Celtic craftsmanship, from intricate knotwork, animals snaking into the loops of illuminated letters or a script carved in wood or etched on stone. With the help of this practical guide, you can learn to write the key Celtic scripts and create projects to treasure. Calligrapher Fiona Graham-Flynn presents 18 calligraphy projects that are great for beginners and improvers, too. Start with a name plaque for a child's room, create greetings cards with a Celtic blessing, decorate a lampshade or paint some fairy wishing stones in gold for your garden. All the techniques you need are included A- Uncial, Half-uncial and Runic scripts, along with how to draw zoomorphics, or the beautiful animal ornamentation often seen in illuminated letters. 

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Dimensions283mm x 217mm x 17mm
PublisherRyland, Peters & Small Ltd 
Release Date1 Sep 2008 

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Book Cover - The Simple Art of Celtic Calligraphy

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