The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Your Favourite Family

By Matt Groening | Paperback
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It's hard to believe that the Simpsons have been around for a whole decade. When America was first introduced to this nuclear family, they were only featured in 30-second shorts on "The Tracey Ullman Show." From these modest origins, they've skyrocketed in popularity, shooting up the charts to become the No.1 FOX show for kids under 17 and No. 4 for adults 18 to 34. Today, "The Simpsons" is the longest-running animated series of all time (dethroning "The Flintstones" in February 1997), and an intrinsic part of American pop culture. "The Simpsons" is a celebration of this family's phenomenal decade. Arranged by season, the book covers each episode of the television show, with the special episodes (the annual Halloween show, "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" and "Krusty Gets Kancelled") receiving eyeball-busting two-page spreads. In addition, special sidebars are sprinkled throughout, showing: Simpsons firsts Bart's chalkboard lines Top Homerisms An Itchy & Scratchy filmography A Springfield timeline Things the audience may have missed Highlighting the best of every show, "The Simpsons" is the ultimate celebration of the cartoon family that has kept America in stitches. It is the ultimate must-have for all Simpsons aficionados.Try the Simpsons Fact Machine (Shockwave required) 


Dimensions235mm x 203mm x 16mm
PublisherHarperCollins Publishers Inc 
Release Date12 Nov 1997 

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Book Cover - The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Your Favourite Family

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