Southern Woman's Kitchen: Crockpot Cooking and More for the Family Table

By Joan Bishop | Paperback
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In A Southern Woman's Cookbook Joan Bishop has collected the recipes that she uses most often when cooking for her family and friends. As she says, 'sharing food with friends and family is the way we celebrate not only the big occasions but the everyday. We can make any small event seem special by the food we serve.' Joan encourages us to use fresh food and herbs gathered either from the farmers' markets or from our own gardens, and to seek out quality produce from the specialty stores. 'I prefer simple recipes that require little fuss. I want fast, fresh food with strong, natural flavours for little effort. I simplify, yes, but not at the cost of taste or quality.' The spirit of the south can be found in many of her dishes, as well as the influences of extensive overseas travel and ethnic cuisines. From Anzac Biscuits (complete with their history) to light and delicate Vietnamese Crepes, from the sumptuous and fragrant Roses of Persia Cake to the comfort of Braised Venison with Blueberries, this book will make you want to shop for the best, cook with love and eat with gusto. 

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PublisherRandom House New Zealand Ltd 
Release Date15 Jun 2012 

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Book Cover - Southern Woman's Kitchen: Crockpot Cooking and More for the Family Table

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