Spider-Man: Death and Dating

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Random earthquakes don't happen in New York - trust us, we live here. So how did one trap Spidey and a subway car full of New Yorkers underground? But there's more to these passengers than meets the eye as a high powered mob trial's verdict is in their hands. And one of them has a crucial connection to Pete's old boss, J. Jonah Jameson! Also, when a bizarre criminal endangers Aunt May, Peter Parker is determined to bring him to justice. But who is this strange, faceless felon? How can Spider-Man stop a guy who can slip through his webbing? Plus, learn the truth about how Harry Osborn came back from the dead! This title collects "Amazing Spider-Man", numbered 578-583, Annual 2009. 

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SeriesGraphic Novel Pb 
Dimensions258mm x 168mm x 9mm
PublisherMarvel Comics 
Release Date4 Nov 2009 

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Book Cover - Spider-Man: Death and Dating

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