Spiritual Slavery: A Biography of Lee Lozowick

By M. Young | Hardback
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This first of seven volumes introduces the life and work of the American spiritual teacher, Lee Lozowick (born 1943). Acknowledged by peers from a wide variety of religious and metaphysical traditions - including Hinduism, the Bauls of Bengal, Sufism, Zen, Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism and Fourth Way - he remains a figure of controversial interest based on his uncompromising views about the work of human transformation, and his critical analysis of contemporary spiritual culture. This first volume (consisting of three books) begins with an extensive Prologue, setting the context of Lee Lozowick's work with a free-ranging overview of his life and teachings to date. It proceeds with an in-depth coverage of his activities from 1975 through 1980, highlighting Lee's spiritual awakening and the events that followed upon that, including the incendiary impact of his first book, "Spiritual Slavery", thrown into the spiritual scene in New York City in 1975. It covers the establishment of the community of Hohm, which formed around him, and elaborates upon his friendship with the enigmatic Mr E J Gold.
The reader will learn of Lee's life-changing journey to India (1977) where he first met his master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, and his subsequent move (1980) from the East Coast to establish a residential ashram in the hills of northern Arizona. Lee Lozowick has been no ivory-tower guru. From his earliest years he was in the trenches with his students - sharing in the labours of their daily lives, orienting them toward right livelihood and conscious child-raising, immersing them in the universal teachings of the world's great religions, introducing them to his own vast view of Reality, and mentoring their many practices, including meditation, study and self observation. 


Dimensions155mm x 230mm x 132mm
PublisherHohm Press,U.S. 
Release Date29 Jul 2011 

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Book Cover - Spiritual Slavery: A Biography of Lee Lozowick

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