Steranko Hc

By J David Spurlock | Hardback
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A handsome, new, full-color volume celebrating the life and work of Jim Steranko, who has been called a "paragon of modern heroic mythology," is scheduled for release by Vanguard. Explosive with art, graphics, and photos, the package incorporates illustrated chapters of compelling autobiographical stories, historic documentation, and revealing analytical insights about comics' most controversial artist-writerperformer, the man who has inspired generations of creators, from Jack Kirby to Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist Michael Chabon. STERANKO features a myriad of insights into his kaleidoscopic careers, and is heavily illustrated with hundreds of images, including visualizations of Indiana Jones, Nick Fury, The Shadow, Mike Hammer, Silver Surfer, Sinbad, Fantastic Four, Mister Miracle, and many others. 


PublisherVanguard Productions (NJ) 
Release Date26 Jul 2014 

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Book Cover - Steranko Hc