Justice Society of America Strange Adventures

By Kevin J. Anderson | Paperback
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Written by Kevin J. Anderson Art by Barry Kitson; Gary Erskine Cover by John Watson Johnny Thunder wants to become a big-time writer by chronicling the adventures of the JSA. But when a deadly villain called Lord Dynamo appears with a crew of deadly robot zombies, it's up to Johnny and his mentor, real-life science fction writer Jack Williamson, to help the rest of the JSA save the day! Collecting the 2004 six-issue miniseries for the first time! Advance-solicited; on sale January 27 o 200 pg, FC, $14.99 US 

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SeriesJustice Society of America 
Dimensions254mm x 165mm x 10mm
PublisherDC Comics 
Release Date27 Jan 2010 

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Book Cover - Justice Society of America Strange Adventures