Sucker Punch: The Art of the Film by Zack Snyder

By Zack Snyder | Hardback
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From Zack Snyder, the director of "300" and "Watchmen," comes "Sucker Punch;" an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of Babydoll - a young girl, whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, but her incredible adventures blur the lines between what's real and what is imaginary...with potentially tragic consequences. In this official book, Snyder guides you through the many amazing worlds and characters of the film, with eye-popping production art and stunning photographs by Clay Enos ("Watchmen: Portraits"). 

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Dimensions215mm x 276mm x 25mm
PublisherTitan Books Ltd 
Release Date11 Feb 2011 

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Book Cover - Sucker Punch: The Art of the Film by Zack Snyder

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