Taonga Maori in the British Museum

By Dorota Czarkowska Starzecka | Hardback
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A highly illustrated catalogue revealing the most extensive collection of taonga Maori outside New Zealand - those in the British Museum. The British Museum holds the largest Maori collections outside New Zealand, including some items of major artistic and cultural significance. This important book will contain a substantial introduction including a history of the study of Maori material culture in Britain and New Zealand and a history of the British Museum collection and how it was acquired. This is followed by a detailed catalogue describing over 2,300 items - including woodcarvings, model canoes and paddles, domestic equipment, cloaks, baskets and bags, jewellery, musical instruments, ceremonial objects, fishing and hunting equipment, tools, weapons, and modern ceramics - an appendix listing collectors, donors and vendors, a glossary, and about 340 photographs illustrating approximately 500 objects. Written by specialists from both Britain and New Zealand, this book is the definitive publication on this remarkable collection. 

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Dimensions297mm x 210mm
PublisherTe Papa Press 
Release Date1 Jan 2011 

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Book Cover - Taonga Maori in the British Museum