Teaching Children's Gymnastics

By Ilona E. Gerling | Paperback
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This is the first book that explains why assisting is valuable, how spotting can be developed methodically and what children spotting is supposed to look like. Spotting and securing are two essential safety constituents when it comes to teaching and training gymnastics. "Teaching Children's Gymnastics" takes a close look at what spotting and securing really means and how they must be done. It is a new, revolutionary teaching idea which gets even the youngest children to learn how to spot each other safely. Containing step-by-step instructions for teaching children to spot each other, as well as hundreds of examples and suggestions for interactive and spotting gymnastic exercises, "Teaching Children's Gymnastics" is an invaluable resource for all teachers, coaches, adventure playground leaders and others who work with children. 

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Dimensions234mm x 165mm x 15mm
PublisherMeyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd 
Release Date10 Sep 2009 

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Book Cover - Teaching Children's Gymnastics

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