Thames: A Photographic Journey from Source to Sea

By Derek Pratt | Hardback
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The Thames is an extraordinary river: linking London to the countryside and the sea, the Thames is the heart of the capital and its waters the lifeblood of England. Following the river is a voyage through Britain's history, as its varied path joins landmarks of the past with the urban landscape of the modern world. This stunning photographic journey offers a unique and comprehensive showcase of the Thames we know ...and the Thames we don't...Derek Pratt's photography gives readers a unique insight into the river's many facets, comparing the rural idylls with the urban landscapes, the industrial buildings with the famous views, the royal landmarks with the river used by people all along its course for daily recreation and famous events. London has so often been the beginning and the end of the Thames story, and whilst it forms a major part, this book gives an altogether more complete and unexpected view of one of the most famous, remarkable and well-loved rivers in the world. With a stylish design, beautiful photography and interesting insights, this gorgeous coffee table book will appeal to a wide range of readers.
It will be the perfect gift for anyone living near, visiting or enjoying this magnificent river, with its visual variety, hidden secrets and fascinating history. 

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Dimensions250mm x 250mm x 17mm
PublisherBloomsbury Publishing PLC 
Release Date30 Mar 2008 

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Book Cover - Thames: A Photographic Journey from Source to Sea

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