The Promise

By Lesley Pearse | Paperback
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London, 1914. Belle Reilly finally has the life she's dreamed of thanks to a devoted husband in Jimmy and the hat shop she's wanted to own since she was a child. But as the storm clouds of World War One begin to gather, Belle's already turbulent life is to change in ways she never imagined possible. When Jimmy enlists in the army and leaves for the battlefields of Ypres, her world is shattered and she realises she can no longer stand by and watch, she must volunteer to help the wounded. But her work as a Red Cross ambulance driver in France throws her into the path of Etienne, the enigmatic man who played a significant role in her childhood, and Belle finds herself torn agonisingly between forbidden passion and loyalty to a good man. But the past returns to haunt her present in other - more unpleasant - ways and Belle's character is put to the test like never before. Can she survive this most brutal of wars with her spirit intact? And will destiny finally lead her to lasting happiness even while war rages all around? 


Dimensions232mm x 157mm x 39mm
PublisherPenguin Books Ltd 
Release Date19 Jan 2012 

the promise

4 Aug 2012, 1:37pm | Review by fran hartshorne
If you liked Belle you will love this follow up. Belle is such a delightful character who deserves better in her life. She has her hat shop, a husband who loves her and is happy until the war and her life is changed.
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Book Cover - The Promise

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