This is Not the Ivy League: A Memoir

By Mary Clearman Blew | Hardback
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Mary Clearman Blew's education began at home, on a remote cattle ranch in Montana. She graduated to a one-room rural school, then escaped, via scholarship, to the University of Montana, where, still in her teens, she met and married her first husband. This Is Not the Ivy League is her account of what it was to be that girl, and then that woman - pressured by husband and parents to be the conventional wife of the 1950s, persisting in her pursuit of an education, trailed by a reluctant husband and small children through graduate school, and finally entering the job market with a PhD in English only to find a whole new set of pressures and prejudices. This memoir is Blew's behind-the-scenes account of pursuing a career at a time when a woman's place in the world was supposed to have limits. It is a story of both the narrowing perspective of the social norm and the ever-expanding possibilities of a woman who refuses to be told what she can and cannot be. 

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SeriesAmerican Lives 
Dimensions218mm x 145mm x 23mm
PublisherUniversity of Nebraska Press 
Release Date1 Nov 2011 

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Book Cover - This is Not the Ivy League: A Memoir

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