A Thousand Paths to Friendship

By David Baird | Hardback
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Friendship is one of the greatest single feelings mankind can experience and one of the greatest gifts we can give to another person. With it we become stronger and more creative; more caring toward ourselves and towards others, and much more humane. This wonderful, beautiful, diverse world we share can also be a fearful and fretful place. We have all lived through some form of crisis, terror or war which has left its mark on us whether at first hand or via media coverage. So now, more than ever perhaps, the world is in need of friendship to replace the 'eye for an eye' attitude that blots out the sun.Friendship begins within ourselves and those closest to us, but from those modest roots it is capable of stretching out to the four corners of the globe and enriching the lives of everyone in this world. Here within these pages, you shall explore the gift of friendship in all its beautiful guises. Let's start making friends today and begin a journey that will scatter the seeds of this inspirational bond to all our new friends and neighbours around the world. 


SeriesThousand Paths S. 
Dimensions115mm x 115mm x 27mm
PublisherOctopus Publishing Group 
Release Date27 Nov 2003 

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Book Cover - A Thousand Paths to Friendship

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