The Soul of Tone: Celebrating 60 Years of Fender Amps

By Tom Wheeler | Paperback
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From the same team who created "The Fender Stratocaster Chronicles" comes a book about the other side of Fender's legacy, the instrument amplifier. Revered as much as one's guitar, the Fender amplifier gets its due in his full colour richly illustrated book. It features over 400 images including legendary guitarists such as Eric Clapton, BB King, Neil Young, Pete Townshend, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters and Dick Dale and two CDs featuring over 120 tracks that make terms and topics come alive. 

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Dimensions254mm x 254mm x 34mm
PublisherHal Leonard Corporation 
Release Date12 Nov 2007 

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Book Cover - The Soul of Tone: Celebrating 60 Years of Fender Amps