Tomorrow, When the War Began

By John Marsden | Paperback
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Somewhere out there Ellie and her friends are hiding. They're shocked, they're frightened, they're alone. Their world has changed, with the speed of a slamming door. They've got no weapons - except courage. They've got no help - except themselves. They've got nothing - except friendship. 'Tomorrow, When the War Began' is the first of an enormously popular series that has been translated and published all over the world. It is the book that started the series that became the legend...12+ years 


SeriesTomorrow, When the War Began 
Dimensions183mm x 125mm x 19mm
PublisherPan Macmillan Australia 
Release Date1 May 1994 

Tomorrow, When the War Began

3 Mar 2010, 1:00pm
When Ellie and her teenage friends leave home for a short camping trip, their world is turned upside down. Australia has been invaded and Allie’s group are some of the only people of the small town of Wirrawee left free. They have to come to grips with everything they thought permanent ripped from their lives. To complicate matters, relationships are starting in their small group. They have one advantage, they’re camping in the impenetrable bush of ‘Hell’. Their weapons are farm rifles and whatever petrol they can ignite. This is going to be a bumpy ride. This book is about how teens can cope with traumatic situations, and how resourceful they can be if need arises. It is the 1st in a series of seven books and I would recommend it to the 11+ age range, as younger ages would find it hard to understand.
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Tommrow When The War Began

5 Aug 2012, 7:53pm | Review by Jordan Dunn
An Outstanding Book!!! I would recomend this to age 12 +
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Book Cover - Tomorrow, When the War Began

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