The Trout Diaries: A Year of Fly-fishing in New Zealand

By Derek Grzelewski | Paperback
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With disarming honesty and freshness, Derek Grzelewski has written a highly readable account of his year dedicated to fly-fishing in New Zealand, relating the highs and lows, and the intricacies and finesse, of pursuing trout in the wild places and pristine waters he loves so much. The thrill of close encounters with this elusive quarry is mirrored by the pleasure he takes in the companionship of his dogs, his friends and the many others he happens across in, often secret, fly-fishing locations around the country. Each month, illustrated with fly sketches by passionate fellow angler Johnny Groome, covers aspects of fly-fishing relevant to that time of year. Along the way we meet many of the author's friends and clients, including top professional guides and a couple of trout scientists, and share his insights into the art of fly-fishing. He also considers innovative techniques and equipment, the pros and cons of catch-and-release, and ponders on our relationship with the natural world and environmental factors affecting our waterways. 

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Dimensions240mm x 160mm
PublisherDavid Bateman Ltd 
Release Date15 Jul 2011 

A Worthy Read for Fisher and NonFisher Alike

12 Dec 2011, 4:38pm | Review by Chris Lumsden
The Trout Diaries had me captivated immediately. Not being a fly fisherman was no barrier to enjoying this book. People, places and their interaction, interspersed with anecdotes on life, as well as titbits on fishing for trout. Without even having cast a rod I felt like I had been on a fishing adventure in paradise and was given all the rewards of a holiday, time to reflect on what is important in life and why, along with provoking thought on how I react now, and how I might react in the future. Definitely a worthy read for fisher and non fisher alike.
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Book Cover - The Trout Diaries: A Year of Fly-fishing in New Zealand

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