Waves of God's Healing: Finding Rest in the Storms of Life

By Carol Hamblet Adams | Hardback
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Carol Hamblet Adams, author of the bestselling "My Beautiful Broken Shell" (more than 170,000 copies sold), returns to the peace of the sea to share God's healing with readers. Partnering again with beloved artist D. Morgan, Carol explores seashore imagery and the transforming power of God's hope, faith, peace, gratitude, joy, and more for each person's life. Beautiful paintings of tranquil beaches, exquisite shells, and the rush of blue across the white sand accompany encouraging meditations, personal prayers, and select Scripture verses. Each wave of insight draws readers to the fathomless source of renewal and grace, the constant flow of God's love for His children. This is a beautiful and inspirational gift for those facing the tides of change, hardship, and new beginnings. 

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Dimensions178mm x 178mm x 10mm
PublisherHarvest House Publishers,U.S. 
Release Date1 Jan 2011 

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Book Cover - Waves of God's Healing: Finding Rest in the Storms of Life