Where on Earth is My Bagel?

By Frances Park | Hardback
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Yum Yung lives in Korea, but he wants nothing more than a real New York bagel. His search begins at the highest mountaintop, where he finds a pigeon to take his message to New York. After a long wait and no bagel, Yum Yung asks his friends the farmer, the fisherman, the beekeeper and the baker for help. Their creative solution is sure to delight all who have yearned for a yummy treat. Written with spirit and humour, this timeless fable shows the power of a child's imagination and perseverance. Anything is possible, especially with a little help from your friends. 


Dimensions198mm x 129mm x 13mm
PublisherLee & Low Books Inc 
Release Date1 Feb 2003 

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Book Cover - Where on Earth is My Bagel?