Who or What is in That Closet?!

By Brenda Hampton | Paperback
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Nine year old Marcus Frankfort is as curious as a kitten, and through his eyes, he lives an almost perfect life. His car collection exceeds well over 3000 model cars, and going to a new school means making new friends. His family has just moved into a remodeled two-story red brick house that was built in the early 1900's. Marcus believes there are possibilities of his ancient house having secret hidden passages, turning bookshelvesand even ghosts! He's determined to discover something adventurous, and having a plain old tree house in his backyard just will not do! While searching for a hiding place one day, Marcus stumbles upon a huge hole in a basement closet. The mysterious hole takes him on an unforgettable journey, one that he does not quite know how to explain. His family members find his story extremely fabricated and so does his classmates. Only Marcus knows that there's a real connection with his friends and to the extraordinary playground on the other side. When Marcus is allowed to share his experience with only one person, he has to decide if he'll share what's on the other side with Dad, Mom, or his best friend, Samuel. And when his decision is made, will the hole in the closet actually exist? Will the chosen one be able to keep Marcus' secret? Or, will he be left scratching his head, wondering...Who or What was really in that CLOSET?! 


Dimensions140mm x 216mm x 5mm
PublisherVoices Books & Publishing 
Release Date20 Aug 2009 

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Book Cover - Who or What is in That Closet?!

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