Windhaven: #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of a Game of Thrones

By George R R Martin | Paperback / softback
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"Told with a true storyteller's voice: clear, singing, persuasive, and wonderfully moving . . . a truly wonderful book."--Jane Yolen From #1 "New York Times "bestselling author George R. R. Martin and acclaimed author Lisa Tuttle comes a timeless tale that brilliantly renders the struggle between the ironbound world of tradition and a rebellious soul seeking to prove the power of a dream. Among the scattered islands that make up the water world of Windhaven, no one holds more prestige than the silver-winged flyers, romantic figures who cross treacherous oceans, braving shifting winds and sudden storms, to bring news, gossip, songs, and stories to a waiting populace. Maris of Amberly, a fisherman's daughter, wants nothing more than to soar on the currents high above Windhaven. So she challenges tradition, demanding that flyers be chosen by merit rather than inheritance. But even after winning that bitter battle, Maris finds that her troubles are only beginning. Now a revolution threatens to destroy the world she fought so hard to join--and force her to make the ultimate sacrifice. "Martin and Tuttle make wonderful professional music together . . . shifting easily from moments of almost unbearable tension to others of sheer poetry and exhilaration."--"Fort Worth Star-Telegram" "A powerful flight of the imagination . . . an entirely enjoyable reading experience, wrought by a pair of writers noted for excellence."--Roger Zelazny "It's romance. It's science fiction. It's beautiful."--A. E. van Vogt "I didn't mean to stay up all night to finish "Windhaven, " but I had to!"--Anne McCaffrey 

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FormatPaperback / softback 
Dimensions235mm x 162mm x 20mm
Release Date16 Oct 2012 

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Book Cover - Windhaven: #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of a Game of Thrones

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