Community Guidelines

Paper Plus Book Chat is a diverse community of informed, engaged members who discuss their ideas and opinions about books. Members find their unique voice, meet others who share their passions, and exchange knowledge and perspectives. By engaging in this conversation, they discover new ways to enhance their lives. The following membership pledge provides the foundation for how Paper Plus Book Chat members sustain and foster this spirit of community.

As a member of Paper Plus Book Chat I will:

  • Respect other members and treat them fairly.. I will not slander, libel or defame other members. I will be open to giving and receiving constructive criticism.
  • Always represent myself honestly. Pen names are allowed, however, I will not impersonate others.
  • Recognise that a difference of opinion drives debate and diversity. I may disagree but I will not personalise our differences.
  • Strengthen and contribute to the overall good of the community by my participation on Paper Plus Book Chat. I will keep my comments within the context of the content and I will not engage in comment spamming. I will be constructive at all times and I will refer negative conduct to
  • Abide by Fair Use guidelines when publishing and posting on Paper Plus Book Chat. I will not publish articles, comments or images belonging to others without permission and attribution. When in doubt, I will refer to
  • Work to keep the community engaged in interesting content and informed debate. I will not contribute content that is overtly commercial. I will contact Paper Plus' marketing team through to advertise. Please see Paper Plus' definition of commercial content in the TOS.
  • Recognise that tags such as author and genre information provide content organization for the community. I will only assign those tags that accurately portray my content.
  • Only report articles and images that violate the Terms of Service, or are intended for mature audiences, but lack a mature audiences setting. I will not report content to complain about another member, or based on someone or something I do not agree with. I will not republish content that has been reported and is under editorial review.
  • Review and follow Paper Plus' complete policies and Terms of Service. When in doubt, I will review the Terms of Service, and always know I can contact for clarification.