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Need, Captivate, Endice

Cheyenne Wall - 3 May, 4:49pm
Need, Captivate, Endice
i think that everyone should read these books they are the most amazing books ever. they are about a girl called Zara who moves to a small town called Bedford because her mum thinks that she isn't coping very well with her stepdads death experience.
Once zara moves there to stay with her Grandmother Betty she starts school and meets a boy called Nick who is going to be the love of here life which she doesn't know.
later on in the book she realises that she is dealing with a big fat complicated secret that her and her friends only know about (including Betty). One thing is that Nick , Devyn (her friend) and someone else mystical are weres.
Zara is always hearing someone call her name which leads her to finding the worst thing in the world the thing that called end her life and her families.
In the second book. Zara has just told Nick that she let her father out of there trap and that there is a new king Pixie (not nice one evil human ones that live in the forest). Nick and Zara are going to feed the pixies but then they discover that someone has set them free. which leads to Nick and Frank the pixie king to fight and nick dies. a while after that a valkyrie takes Nick to the after world because they bring him back and want him to fight as a warrier in the war of death.
In the third Book. Zara is to save Nick but has to get help from her king Astley and now that she is a pixie she can do so. they go through a lot of trouble to to find the way to Valhalla. But if you read it you'll find out all the mysteries in this.
Cheyenne Wall - 3 May, 4:53pm
RE: Need, Captivate, Endice
Has anyone read OLD MAGIC