by Aimee Harper

When Bella finds a Mud Monster she takes it home to her mumís dog grooming parlour. But when all the dirt is gone they have a big surprise and its name turns out to be Nugget. Later they get an even BIGGER surprise. Will Nugget ever get a new owner? This story is for animal lovers. For ages six to ten

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Rebekah Shotter said:
I read this book and really loved it. James Patterson is such a great writer andmakes you not want to put the book down. I hope there is another book as i want to see what happens to the flock.
Jessica Searle said:
I loved this book. I can quite happily say that is way up there in my best books list. Everyone should read this book!
kerri nicholas said:
the maximum ride series is one of my favourites of all time, and this is a great book to end the series, ill admit im sad that it ends like it did but i totally recomend it. the mysterious, funny, bird kids fly for da last time, hehe
sam arthur said:
this sounds like a realy good book im goin 2 have 2 get it
Roma Bolton said:
i like
Phoebe Chambers said:
tHIS book looks sooooo cute aspeshily the puppy

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