Tassie and the Black Baron

by Katie Roy

Tassie takes a trip with her embarrassing family to a castle and discovers her grandma knows how to travel back to the medieval times. She goes back in time and discovers that poor prince Billy has been challenged to a duel to death by his evil cousin Brutus, (Brutus of Bad Spite or the Black Baron). But thereís more. The winner of the duel gets Billyís love Violetzkaís hand in marriage and he also gets to be the prince of Huffinton castle. The loser is banished to a far away land and is never to be seen again. Itís up to Tassie to make sure Billy finishes the challenge with his head on, (as he wouldnít hurt a soul). Will Tassie save Billy? Read the book to find out. This book is for both girls and boys at the age of ten to thirteen. It sounds scary but itís really not.

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Tassie and the Black Baron